Product Review: Rocksbox

If you constantly swoon over accessories like I do, keep reading!

Earlier this year back in February, I wrote post about the cool benefits of Rocksbox for all you die-hard accessory junkies like me. As you may have noticed, subscription based beauty and style memberships have exploded most recently due to their convenience and ability to surprise and delight its customers. Don’t believe me? Have you ever feverishly stalked tracked a package once it left the shipping warehouse down to the minute it reaches your door step? There’s something so incredibly addicting about knowing that you’re getting a personalized package in the mail- monthly at that!

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My first arrival from Rocksbox was quite the delight. I’m pretty big on customer service, so when I opened the package contents and saw my name on the post card it felt like I personally knew the stylist that selected my items! While I would like to think that Kathy, the accessory stylist, and I chatted over frappuccinos about our favourite style icons, the truth is the service took into consideration my accessory preferences when I completed the style survey.

I love the SLATE necklace that I added to my wish list and was glad to see that it was just as sophisticated with a bit of edge in person as it was online when I first spotted it. I also love the teardrop bangle which I can imagine accessorizing with a simple t-shirt and jeans look along with the coin earrings. Though I wouldn’t wear all three pieces at the same time, I am happy that I had the option to incorporate the pieces as I moved through my wardrobe. Yea, they’re pretty much the fairy godmother of accessories.

Check out the pieces below to see if you have any favourites- maybe you’ll be inspired and add them to your wish list!


Have you tried Rocksbox yourself? Let me know which ones you like, love and could do without. ^_^

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