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Women should look chic on all occasions, don’t you agree? As the weather starts to warm up where I reside in New York state (with temporary bursts of summer temps and cooler days) I find myself more comfortable in minimal attire: the basic shirt and jeans type deal. Let’s be honest, winter was pretty brutal and the option of not wearing layers of sweaters, coats and scarves is like shedding a second skin. So it was perfect timing when I received a package with a hi-low tee to add to my spring wardrobe mix thanks to the Donna Degnan company.


As the ever so stylish trendsetters that we are, sometimes we have to take a moment to realize that not all outfits need to be over thought to stand out from the crowd.  The sheer stripe tee is fitting for days when I want to look classically chick without feeling the pressure to be overly dressed- simple and elegant with style and grace. I have no reason to fit into someone else’s definition of style by overdoing it (and neither should you!). Since the line is so new to me, I started reading Donna Degan’s style philosophy and I’m pretty sure she said it best: Simplicity is the most precious of qualities in any design. It keeps the focus on what’s important, you.


When it comes to selecting a blouse, I am constantly on the hunt for a top that is a slimmer fit that is broad enough for my shoulders. I have to admit, when I first tried this on I was a little nervous because it was slightly more square than I was accustomed to on my small frame. Blouses also get tricky for me if they’re mid-length (I have freakishly long legs but a short torso, can you tell?). But when I played around with the shape of the tee by half tucking it, I warmed up to the idea of wearing a boxier look by pairing it with a skinny pant to offset the proportions. I threw on a few minimal spring accessories including my beaded watch, a pair of floral pumps, a warm pink lipstick and a clutch purse- I was ready in no time (which I’ll admit is rare). I plan to duplicate a similar outfit this weekend for a care-free look on the go.


top: Sheer stripe blouse thanks to Donna Degnan

jeans: H&M

shoes: Nine West

purse: Aldo’s

Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Donna Degnan. The opinions expressed herein are of my own.


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