Three Ways to Wear Your Koa Wood Ring


Recently added to my accessory collection, this Koa wood ring is probably one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry that I've ever owned. Koa wood rings are known for their beauty and for blending reclaimed lumber and titanium to reduce waste during the manufacturing process.

My Hawaiian wood ring was shipped to me in a velvet box with the island's imprint on the jewelry box with a similar engraved print of the island's chain on the inside of the ring as you can see in the picture above. I really admire the detail including the wood grain, the slenderness of the ring and the laser engraved detail which pays homage to the beautiful island that I've always wanted to visit. After trying on the ring, I realized that there were three different ways of pairing it with an outfit depending on how trendy, dainty, or symbolic you wanted the ring to be conveyed to others.

Engagement Band
Worn by itself, this ring can be easily worn as a singular band or compliment an engagement ring. If I didn't have a wedding band and ring, I would actually wear this because of it's simplicity and minimalist qualities that make it unisex so it appeals to all. 

Side note: The hubster saw my ring and now he now wants one! 

ring_5378 copy

ring_5368 copy 

Pinky Promise
For some reason I always love when a woman that wears a pink ring. Maybe because it looks so incredibly classy or maybe because I imagine that the woman is so whimsical with such great taste that she merely wears pink rings so that her finger can noticeably pierce any conversation when she sips her tea. Quite frankly I have no clue if these people exist since I frequently make up stories about glamorous people but the fact remains, the pinky ring conveys a sense of inner fierceness and is unapologetic about bold statements.


Necklace Pendant
Could this ring look any more delicate along my neckline? Wearing the ring on a subtle sterling silver chain gives the illusion that it is suspended at the d├ęcolletage, the low cut neckline of a garment, and would compliment any nude colored dress, blouse or skin tone. It's actually my favorite way of wearing the ring out of the three styles because it looks the most beautiful as a focal piece which can be used to spark a conversation.


However you choose to wear your koa ring, the product is eco-friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty to be repaired at any point in time. Check out the entire collection here that includes bangles, cufflinks and other pieces. 

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Target Tuesdays | Peter Pilotto Set

Peter Pilotto Look #1

Hello My Little Targettes!

It's..... T A R G E T | T U E S D A Y S

With nearly 70 printed pieces from the latest Target debut, Peter Pilotto for Target was made for this girl right here! Yes, the entire collection is nothing short of genius as seen on the website of Target last week after the released of their look book. After reviewing the looks, I couldn't help but realize how spot on I was in my October post What to Expect from Peter Pilotto for Target. Of course, the ever so idiosyncratic printed dresses, florals, cover ups, knits and tailored pencil skirts galore proved to be in abundance. BOOM...I'll take three of each please and thank you.

Of course you know, I'll be all over this collection as I was for Target's collaborations with Phillip Lim, Missoni, and Jason Wu. hate to break it you but I'm no newbie to Target's collabs-nope not one bit. Out of all of the collaborations I can definitely say with confidence that this is the line that best represents my style due to the playful use of colour and architectural prints. In today's post, I decided to create a look for each week until the release on February 9th! I'm definitely conjuring all sorts of outfits now by the minute.
The Entire Peter Pilotto For Target Lookbook Is Out!
This colour-blocked blazer is a cool blue just waiting for me to pair with a pencil slim skirt. I paired a few favorites from my wishlist of items that in a oh-so-glamorous perfect world. 

Keep your eyes peeled for my next Peter Pilotto for Target looks as we count down the days together until February 9th!

Peter Pilotto Look by PhysicalCanvas featuring a nyx lipstick

Nine west shoes

Janis Savitt gold jewelry

House of Harlow 1960 gold jewelry
$33 - coggles.com

Nyx lipstick
$11 - target.com.au

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Birthday Blessings

 Happy Birthday ME!

Ahhh I'm super excited to have reached another milestone in my life where I am healthy, happy and grateful for all of the blessings that God has given me. Birthdays are amazing opportunities to reflect on life's moments, failures, faith and forthcoming long term goals that lay ahead. Today is extra special (not only because it's my born day) but because I didn't have to get up today to go to work due to the inclement weather! 
If you're on the East coast like I am, you'll know that the wind is mercilessly whipping through everything in its path...kinda reminds me of the movie The Day After Tomorrow, huh? Let's not hope that Manhattan freezes over or else I may have to rescue a few family members like Dennis Quaid Wherever you are, hopefully you have the opportunity to avoid the polar vortex that is looming over us. In the meantime, I will be celebrating with Audrey Hepburn movies, a nail polish party of one, steak-filled grill cheese sandwiches and some reading.

But before I go, here are 10 things that I am grateful for! 

1. Waking up this morning to read and strengthen my relationship with God.

2. My husbter! For EVERYTHING that he does- visible and behind the scenes... and for the amazing adventures that we have had in our marriage whether we are traveling or just hanging out in our sweats in the house. He's my photographer, cook, stylist (yup!) and has a strong passion for helping others.

3. Family & Friends.

4. Professional and personal accomplishments.

5. Failures.

6. The Polar Vortex! Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu here I come!

7. Quiet moments.

8. The ability to travel.

9. My health.

10. You! Yes, YOU. Thank you immensely for reading this blog and supporting me in my endeavors! I have personally (and virtually) met some amazing people through the creation of curating this blog and look forward to meeting many more!

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Merry Christmas from Maddie & Me

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!

Who doesn't love the holidays with family and friends?! I hope you are enjoying this special time of year with your loved ones as much as I am.

Here are a few pictures that Lucas took of Madison and I...we've already coined our part of the world as 'Country Cool' as an answer to Street Chic! Anyhoo enjoy!

Take care, stay warm and enjoy the day from me, Madison and Lucas (behind the camera as always)!

IMG_4238 final Charlotte Rousse velvet blazer//Macy's leggings//Vintage cape//

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Five Fab Frames | 2013 Winter Collection | by Warby Parker

More than 38 million Americans wear glasses or have had corrective lenses prescribed to them (which accounts for hmm… 64% of the population, while 12% of the country wears contact lenses). And you should care because….??? Well, I’m glad you asked because the odds that you wear glasses or know of someone who does is highly likely- which means, this one’s for you (and the plot thickens).

For as long as I can remember, I was always that kid that told the optometrist that I could barely read the exam chart, (which to my credit was probably very true) so I was always able to score the coolest frames from the over-sized red Sally Jessy Raphael glasses to the more fashionably non-prescription flip-up Dwayne Wayne glasses.  So it’s no surprise that my love for glasses has grown fonder over the years into my adult hood (enter Warby Parker).

You may remember my Warby Parker review back in 2012 which I received great feedback from my readers! So naturally, the  ‘rustic meets modern’ 2013 Winter Collection prompted another review to pair your cold weather-hues with your favorite  winter past time activity. The collection features six new shapes in five colours, including two-tone acetates all for $95-including prescription lenses! Curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to partake in the ‘Home Try-On’ program for an up and close personal look of five of my favourite frames for the perfect fit (note: I only tried on five frames-two being very similar in shape in varying colours but the full collection can be seen here). I'm already feeling like a Warby Parker model...here goes!

Welty | Plum Marblewood

The curved browline and slim acetate construction of Welty’s keyhole bridge frames gives a first-class combination even this casual wintery puffy vest.


 Lyle| English Oak

 For a day and evening look, the English Oak is a classic round frame which creates a great contrast with your favorite winter turtleneck.

IMG_3929 IMG_3920

Chamberlain| Saddle Sage & Whiskey Tortoise

Available in two different colours, these assertive yet bold frames have a strikingly square shape with a sturdy bridge that is versatile enough to accentuate a low-key office look by day and a hipster look by night.

IMG_4195 IMG_4196 IMG_3917 IMG_3914

 Edgeworth| Sage

The epitome of classic, these 1940s-inspired keyhole frames feature slender temple arms, crafted from Japanese titanium for retro lovers looking for a good vintage piece to incorporate into their wardrobe.

IMG_3899 IMG_4199

Overall, my favourite feature of all the frames is that although Warby Parker offers frames for men and women, their frames are adaptable enough for either gender. Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself, or for one that truly keeps on giving, consider purchasing a pair (or pairs!) from the Warby Parker Winter Collection.

Which fab frames are your favorites? 

Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Warby Parker. All opinions expressed are mine and one hundred percent honest.

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