4 Reasons Why a Caribbean Vacation Will Not Disappoint


For many of us, taking a vacation can be a difficult task to commit to in the midst of a taxing profession, hectic social calendar and surmounting obligations. But the truth is that an escape from commonplace routines is as vital to maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle as healthy eating and frequent exercise. When I worked the conventional 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. schedule back home in the U.S., taking a vacation offered a litany of benefits; it drastically reduced stress, improved my mindset, increased my endorphins and provided a new environment to spur new ideas. Bottom line: Travel makes me happier!

While planning a vacation can seem like a daunting task, it isn’t much more challenging than coordinating the details of a well-managed project. Especially when you consider vacationing to a not so distant destination like the Caribbean if you’re from North America. I may be partial because I have roots in the West Indies, but the Caribbean is a destination that must be experienced for yourself. Whether you’ve visited the region or not, the region has plenty to offer for a bevy of reasons!

1. Ease of Access


For those looking to dust off their passports, the Caribbean is one of the most accessible places to feel as if you’ve transcended into another world. With so many destination options to choose from, Caribbean luxury vacations offers beachfront escapes that are ideal for exploring Western and Eastern Caribbean islands with over 900 villas to choose from. The proximity to the southeastern coast of the U.S. makes it all the more reason to round up a few friends for a group trip or travel unaccompanied for a solo retreat.

2. Beaches

Dominican Republic

Nothing says vacation like a picturesque infinity pool overlooking the pristine Caribbean Sea. Tropical waves gradually washing ashore onto honey golden sand provides a tranquil rhythm to recharge your mental and physical health. As if the image above wasn’t enough, picture this: a palm tree shades your beach chair while a miniature umbrella sits in your fruit drink as you dive head first into a water sport of your choice or the book that’s been sitting on your Kindle for ages. Who doesn’t want a steady intake of vitamin sea?

3. Culture

Traditional Dress, Caribbean

One of the greatest strengths of the Caribbean is the diverse culture throughout the islands that is influenced by various ethnic groups. African, Indian, Asian and Spanish influences greatly impact the history, music, dance, artistic flair and festivals of its people. While many islands may have similar elements, the distinctions vary greatly enough to attract millions of visitors to the Caribbean per year. Despite the differences, the unifying factor that remains constant is the culture’s laid back way of life. The slow pace of “island time” is vital for reminding travelers to slow down and take it all in!

4. Food

Tropical Fruits

Tasting local food is the best way to experience any culture including the Caribbean for its assorted flavours and spices. Eclectic food offerings has never failed to satisfy my pallet for delicious food (and trust me, I love to eat). Each island’s traditional dish is enough to make you salivate and eat to your heart’s content. Dinners and all-you-can-eat buffets overflow with rice and peas, curry chicken, grilled vegetables, fried fish and fresh seafood. But don’t forget the extensive offerings of fruits! No trip is complete without drinking a fresh coconut and eating the jelly inside to cool down.

If you can’t narrow down the perfect destination to one island, look to your favorite films for inspiration if you are a movie buff. The 1998 big picture film, “How Stella Got her Groove Back” is set against the backdrop of the beautiful island of Jamaica while scenes in the cult-classic “Jurassic Park” were filmed in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. BOOM. Before fast- talking yourself out of your next vacation, consider treating yourself to a Caribbean excursion.

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