Product Review: Adidas CW Feltcruiser W

After experiencing the warmest and least snowy December on record, old man winter finally barged in like an unwanted guest after missing the winter solstice deadline. I’m a Caribbean gal to-the-bone so the bitter chill, flurries and ski slopes are meant to be admired from the comfort of a 70 degree living room with hot chocolate and LOTS of marshmallows. SO, when I was sent the the Adidas CW Feltcruiser boots to review I was both excited about the new winter gear (because honestly, who wouldn’t be?) and apprehensive since I don’t indulge in extreme winter sports. Taking this into account, my opinions may differ from a winter Olympian or enthusiast.

Here are a few observations that may be helpful for choosing your perfect pair of boots!


  • The boots are incredibly cute and stylish! Which can be hard to come by when looking for the perfect winter boot. I love the contrast between the heather gray fabric and the black nylon-like material. The lace up closure allows you to tie your laces pretty snug to create a slimmer high top which mimics a Converse sneaker.
  • The boots are true to size. I wear a 7.5/8 but sometimes it can get a bit tricky buying boots because I wear a few layers of thin or camping socks for extra warmth. Knowing this, I ordered a 8.5 and it fits perfect. Especially without having my big toe feeling cramped at the top!
  • The felt sock liner and the PrimaLoft™ insulation provides lasting warmth while blazing the snow trail. The out sole rubber has a high traction for optimal grip during wet conditions. It’s incredibly well made with grooves that would prevent you from slipping on the ice.

That’s all good and all but now let’s get to the less stellar observations.


  • I’m not even going to lie the boots are heavy. Maybe I’m not use to heavy boots but these mini tankers are 1 lb 5 oz which is a work out ALONE just to take a walk. I won’t be slipping these on to go to the grocery store for a quick run anytime soon. But to be fair it really isn’t made for that.
  • The boots are kinda chunky. OK, I know what I said before about the slimmer high top look and I totally stand by my word. But the bottom of the shoe, from the black material down, is a bit clunky especially when worn with my skinny jeans. Most likely I could be paranoid but I feel like Frankenstein with cinder blocks for shoes.

Surprisingly, that’s pretty much it for cons. Honestly. I really love the style of the shoe it’s just the chunkiness that bothers me! I do have another pair of Levi’s that are a little bit looser fitting at the leg which would look good with them.

So what’s your take? Do you own these? Let me know!

Financial compensation was not received for this post. Sample products were gifted from Adidas. The opinions expressed herein are 100% of my own and authentic in which I am not obligated to provide reviews in favor of the company.

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