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Anyone who’s witnessed the stacked piles of jewelry on my bedroom dressers know that I LOVE, wait I didn’t mean to shout that from the rooftop love a good statement necklace! It’s so incredibly effortless to pair it under an oxford shirt collar or dress it up with a pink peplum blazer like I did in my AOL Stylist profile. But to tell you the truth I haven’t really been doing much jewelry shopping lately. Honestly, I need to carve out a few hours worth of time to find just the right necklace- especially when there are so many choices. Do I choose a necklace with crystals or a piece with a kaleidoscope of colours? Silver or gold? Monochromatic or multi-coloured?

Do you see my dilemma now?

So naturally when I heard about Rocksbox I signed up for it. From the site, it looks like a great way to refresh your jewelry without committing to one piece or the perfect opportunity to fall in love with one. I’m not going to lie, the large print on their website got me: Unlimited Designer Jewelry for $19/month. Oh really? Tell me more.

Welp here’s how it works:




Also, there’s good news! Since I’ve already taken the plunge to sign up, anyone who uses the code physicalcanvasxoxo gets one month free starting today! Andddd you get a Rocksbox…you get a Rocksbox…and you…and you and you and you! Even for my late bloomers who may see this post a month from now, after 30 days from the date of this post, you’ll receive 50% off your first month!

It sounds pretty cool. I’m actually stalking my USPS tracking code now to see when my pieces will arrive (it looks like there’s a delay on my order so I hope it gets here soon. Womp, womp. When I get them I’ll show you so you can tell me what you think.  I’ll keep you posted {^_^}.

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