The Shopper’s Guide: Victoria Secret Panty Sales

The other day I ran into a Victoria Secret on a time crunch to take advantage of their panty sale thinking I would waltz in and quickly grab a few goodies to go. Catastrophic mistake. I’m pretty indecisive when I’m presented with a plethora of panty assortments to mix and match because there’s SO much to think about like Do I already have these hip huggers? How will these cheekies look on me? Are these V-strings truly comfortable or is Jasmine Tookes really selling it to me from the life-size poster in the window display?

I spent an unreasonable amount of time selecting the perfect panty combination that the saleswoman introduced herself to me twice as if I didn’t hear her the first time. I don’t blame her. If you watched me shop, you would seriously think that I was losing it. I pick up seven panties…I put back three more…I hold up one pair over my jeans while pondering the things of life and potential outfits in the full length mirror…then I methodically lay out all five panties on the display table and rub my temples like an oracle, hoping I can predict my next move…finally I come to the conclusion that I am still not ready to cash out just yet…rinse and repeat. Madness. Straight madness.

After what seemed like two fashion seasons later, I purchase my top favourites and saved myself from buyer’s remorse through these key shopping strategies that were so helpful that I had to share!

5 Things to consider when purchasing Victoria Secret Panties

1. Plan Ahead

Before you head out to the next Victoria Secret panty sale, take a mental inventory of the items you already own. Get rid of the undies that have overstayed their welcome through a panty purge and replenish your inventory. Know your size and go straight for the drawer of your choice. Sizes vary from store to store and sometimes you can forget what size you wear especially if you don’t shop there on a regular basis. Don’t get hung up on the small details of whether you’re a medium or a small. Come prepared!

2. Style

Decide which panty design fits your curves the best. Familiarize yourself with the styles: Are you a hip hugger lover? Bikini babe? Or apart of the low rise tribe? Whether you’re a V-string girl or a No lines lover, think about the cut and stick to one to two styles to avoid being influenced by the sales person or the in store advertisements.

3. Colour

Finalize your top panty combinations by selecting a specific colour palette, whether it be neutrals (black, white, gray or nude), neon brights (hot pinks and lemon yellows) or jewel tones (deep blues, maroons, and emerald greens). If you’re like me and tend to interchange your panties and bras into sets, take note of the current colours that you already own to expand your mix and match options.

4. Prints or Solids

Polka dots or nudes? Graphics across the bootie or all black basics? Decide if you want a spectrum of playful options to choose from or solids across the board. The majority of my panties are not patterned because my undergarments are dependent on my attire for the day. For me, it takes the guess work out of my morning routine when I don’t have to worry about accidentally slipping on rainbow striped panties under a semi sheer skirt because trust me honey, the sunlight exposes ALL of those beautiful patterns in just the right light. Better safe than see-through.

5. Material

Pick no more than two textures whether it be cotton, lace, sheer, or nylon. Choosing lace and nylon for example will help you narrow your options and provide you with a clear focus when confronted with a variety of panty options. That way if you see a cute cotton panty in your size you know not to consider it as an option!

While everyone else is baffled on how to finalize their perfect panty combination, keep your cool and follow these shopping strategies to build your panty collection. Had I come to this epiphany earlier I could have made a year’s worth of necklaces with the time that I lost!

What tips do you use when shopping for panties? Tweet or leave a comment below or on Instagram because I really want to know!


The items in this post were purchased using my own monies. This post is not sponsored. [^_^] 

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