Product Review: EXP Core from Express

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my Instagram account and thumbed through a progress pic when I was a regular at the gym. WHOA. First of all, my hair looks immaculate and deceptively perfect while you can start to see the beginnings of a newly-toned bicep for a girl who’s been slender all her life. Wait, has it seriously been 42 WEEKS since I’ve been to the gym?! Life is always more complicated when your moments are calculated in weeks. It can’t be. Maybe my recent gym pictures nope, doubt it are lurking some where in my photo stream.

Before trying to absolve my gym efforts or lack thereof I was introduced to a newest active wear collection, EXP Core Performance collection, by Express. A perfect opportunity to renew my gym commitment through new gear. All black work out attire is usually a safe choice when it comes to athletic gear but the fashion meets fitness collection features ombre prinleggings and a metallic sports bra that’s moisture-wicking to break a sweat when hitting the weights or chic enough to sport at brunch with friends.

After breaking in my new gear at the gym,  here are a few things that I noticed.

5 tips to keep in mind when purchasing EXP Core Performance:

1). The strappy tank is well designed as a racer-back and loose fitting for exercises that require additional movement and flexibility on yoga days in the studio. It’s incredibly light weight with an ideal scoop neckline that doesn’t dip too low to expose the crown jewels. This is important since I am always conscious around guys and mirrors in the weight room.


2). If you’re slim and shapely like me, you may want to order the extra small ombre print leggings. I ordered the small instead of the extra small thinking that the length would be problematic but now the crotch sits lower than I’d prefer when I work-out. Overall the length is a bonus going right to my ankles which leads me to #3.

3). The full length compression pants have a 29″ seam so there is no need to tug on the ankles to keep it from riding up. Long-legged friends, rejoice and sob joyously with me! 

4). The wide banded waist acts like a control top to flatten the tummy so it’s perfect for anyone who isn’t bikini ready around the mid-section. *Raises hands* There’s also a back zipper pocket that I thought was ingenious until I realized that it was too shallow to hold my phone whether I tried to stuff it vertically or horizontal. Trust me I tried. The jury is still out on whether it is functional or purely aesthetic.

5). The metallic sports bra is simply stunning. Snug, supportive and so incredibly stylish. I didn’t take a picture of it yet because I plan to incorporate it in one of my upcoming looks for an athletic meets glam outfit.

Bottom line: the collection is very comfortable and the leggings make me feel like a super hero when I’m lifting with the boys. I would recommend any one of the pieces.

Are you looking for new work out gear to jump start your gym commitment? Trust me I’m there! Head over to Express to try the EXP Core Performance collection yourself. I bet you’ll find something that sparks your new or continued gym commitment!

On my canvas: Ombre EXP Core leggings |  EXP Core Strappy  tank

Photo Credit by Namhee Kim.


Financial compensation was not received for this post. Sample products were gifted from Express. The opinions expressed herein are 100% my own and authentic in which I am not obligated to provide reviews in favor of the company.

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