2011 Reflection: Highlights Throughout the Year

The last day in December always gives us sometime to ask ourselves what have I done this year? The good, the bad, and the ehh yikes that did happen! Well for 2011 I must say it’s been a crazy ride but I think I am finally getting into the groove of it and will ride the wave into 2012. I celebrated my one year blog anniversary in October (which I definitely forgot to write about, booo). I’m sure as you know blogging can be quite time consuming and sometimes I feel like shutting it down but then I realize how much I’ve accomplished in a short span of time! Here are this year’s highlights that kept me going on an all time high!

1. Ebony Magazine Feature: Who would have thought I would land myself in a nationally recognized magazine? Very cool. And the fact that Mary J was on the over makes it oh-so-even-more-legit! My hubster surprised me for Christmas and framed the front cover and the page I was on to hang on my home office wall. Very cool.

2. Target Tuesday Recognition: It all started with my first Target Tuesday back in April as a personal style challenge. Sometimes I think it isn’t worth doing anymore but the comments keep me motivated to do more! I also got featured in Target’s new online monthly mag which is edited by Nina Garcia! I just found out..will post details soon.
3. Fashion BombTeenVogue and Ciaafrique features: Totally cool!
4. Favourite Outfit (ok, one of them..because I just couldn’t choose!)
5. TeenVogue Fashion Click Blogger: I love being in the community with other bloggers who luv teen vogue (even though my teenage years are far gone).
In addition to the top 5 highlights on my blog I also purchased a home, became a grad student, and adopted a nephew which has been pretty cool. So for 2012 my blogger resolution is to be consistent, post more personal style, and shed light on upcoming people in the fashion industry. I also want to continue my DIYs! Have a great New Year’s Everyone!!
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