My Blogger Feature: Fashion Bombshell of the Day

I had a great weekend but this was the cherry on top! I was featured as the “Fashion Bomb Shell of the Day” on Fashion Bomb Daily on Friday and had absolutely no clue. So it took me by surprise today when I saw that my blog stats spiked in the last two days (because I didn’t recall doing anything dramatically different over the weekend) and traced it back to the source-which is the feature you see above. I got a lot of great feed back that honestly made me blush but I understand that not everyone will agree with what I do…there isn’t a happy medium to appease people’s thirsty appetite. It’s the risk you take as a blogger when exposing yourself to the world, as well as an artist, a singer, or any other profession that exemplifies one’s work for the love of it only for people to return scrutiny and ridicule. For example, how many times have you heard people say that Beyonce or Mariah Carey can’t sing? I presume their bank account says different, don’t you?..but I digress.  I’ve never claimed to be a style expert. I just simply have a passion for it and have been fortunate enough for friends and strangers alike to ask me for style suggestions, tips, and opinions. Thanks to all of those that responded and are now new followers:)
In efforts to reorganize myself and my blog I will start categorizing my posts so that they can become easier to find. #1 on my list of things to do…story of my life.
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