Potential NYE Outfit: Sequins, Tweed, and Blazer

I keep seeing everyone with their suggestions for NYE outfits and I haven’t a clue as to what I’m going to do yet (booooo). One of these days I’m going to celebrate on a jet as me and my hubster city hop to celebrate NYE in every time zone. But that’s probably a little further off than I would hope so I’ll just stick to partying it up in one spot for now. haha. Ugh why am I so last minute? ohwell… here’s a potential outfit that I may wear. I threw this on in the house because baby it’s too cold outside! The only thing about taking pictures indoors is that my dobbie Maddie thinks she’s a model as well {^_^}

Random sidnote: I just re-did my floors and they look amazing in these photos!


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