I was so honored and super excited to see TeenVogue’s tweet today in my timeline when I realized that the magazine highlighted my look from my Beginnings of Festival Fun (Monday’s) post to show their readers how to wear a summery high waist pant using my personal style and pic! Here’s the link for the Fashion Click Look of the Day feature!

Then I went to the TeenVogue website and saw that I was on the front page!! Super cool! It totally made my day…week..and month to be chosen as their “Blogger Look of the Day!” I’ve been tweeting and Facebooking everyone to go to the site. Can you tell that I’m excited?! Check out the write up below or at TeenVogue while its still up! 

Oh and a HUGE thanks to my sweetie Lucas for taking my pictures in order to continue running this blog! Love you babes! Your work is on TeenVogue!

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