Collaboration: Clothing Mentor

At this point, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that I loveeeeee a perfectly outfitted look from head to toe for a fashionably good steal. I literally have a love affair with wardrobe pieces that offer quality, value and longevity since I typically retain my clothing over decades at a time (yes I said decades! Tips on maintaining your clothing are coming soon!). 

With that said, when it comes to shopping, the options are endless when looking for treasured pieces in unexpected places whether it’s at a marketin a major city, or at a local consignment shop in your neighborhood.Spotting sophisticated pieces in hidden pockets of the retail world is pretty much my forte. If Plato’s closet is the bubble gum popping, teeny-bopper kid sister, then Clothing Mentor is the sophisticated sibling, equipped with refined taste to take her stylish social life and career to the next level.  Both shops accept and sell gently used and mint condition designer labels and better brands- sometimes even with the original tags!  It seems as though it was merely yesterday that two of my social butterflies, Tomicka and Kim, introduced me to the store almost two years ago. And ever since, I’ve been hooked. And so the plot thickens.
A few weeks ago, store owner of Clothing Mentor, Julia Clara, connected with me after one of her customers mentioned my blog (kudos to the customer who thought of me! Make yourself known so I can shower you with thank you’s!). During our initial meeting, Clara explained: “My customer loves great trends, so we accept funky pieces that make a statement” as she showcased her designer items and unique pieces. Mulling over the details after our conversation I thought, ‘how cool would it be to feature looks from her store?’ Thus the partnership emerged.
Physical Canvas, is teaming up with owner Julia Clara, to showcase fab finds from Clothing Mentor by pulling together pieces to create a cohesive look and give tips on the best ways to pair items together. Every month, I will highlight emerging trends to acquaint your style pallet and give tips as to what to look for while shopping at the Greece, NY resale store.
So let the fun begin with the recently created style series…

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