Weekend Wrap-Up [Recap]: Toronto

My how time flies….this month the hubster and I celebrated four years since saying ‘I do’. As corny as it sounds the journey has been amazing, rewarding, and a lot of hard work. He definitely helps me by bringing a lot of humor to our relationship. We spent our anniversary in the heart of downtown Toronto, while hovering through China Town, frolicking in Kensington Market (which is a must see if you’re a vintage junkie!!), back across to the mall with beautiful architecture. I have a few window displays because I just can’t get over visuals (I use to do visual for a number of years before my blogging days).

Our hotel was awesome!!! It has cleverly linked to the subway and was within reach for every major shopping place and it was right on the water. No wonder it’s rated as a four diamond star hotel. geesh. Here are the snapshots of the good times-none of them are in any type of order since I grabbed them from my mobile photo album. Follow me on Instagram for more fun photos ^_^

The inside of our hotel was so elegant…and ironically located on Gotham Blvd!

beautiful vintage dresses all day in Kensington Market but the crazy lady in the background is scary….
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