Back for the Holidays

IMG_1849ps plugps Let’s just pretend that I didn’t fall off the face of the blogosphere, shall we? I’ve missed this canvas so much…so many unpublished posts and mental photo shoots coupled with nonexistent DIYs that have been created all in my mind. Does it count that I have tons of unpublished photos on my laptop? Probably not huh? In other news, I’m about six months away from graduating with my masters and I couldn’t be anymore excited to finish up my degree. A lot of great opportunities are in store I’m sure, and I’m enjoying every moment while living in the present.

Today, my hubster took a few pictures of me in our living room. The lighting and setting is so perfect that it looks like I’m on the set for some high end holiday shoot. I almost forgot how gifted he was as a photographer-love how he captures the best of me! Well I probably should be preparing for my family since dinner is our house but I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to doing some more spontaneous blogging in the near future! {^_^}

IMG_1836ps copyIMG_1851psIMG_1842ps These lovely earrings are from the JLC Women’s collection! The girls of JLC were really kind enough to send me a few of their earrings! I’ll be doing a give away for a pair of the earrings, so stay tuned! IMG_1856ps IMG_1853ps IMG_1863psNYC Plum Lip, Knit Sweater Macy’s, Boots goJane

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