G-Shock Black Out Watch Release

So my brother is always keeping me in the loop as the link between music and fashion when my head is buried somewhere other than my passion, so when he sent me the link to watch the G- Shock promo video featuring BMX rider Nigel Sylvester I was like ‘nice, love it.’

Then he told me something that just made my jaw dropped a few notches…

He sent the link to me because he ACTUALLY PRODUCED THE TRACK! Wait what?? Uh yeah. I completely overlooked that in the email header that he sent me. bad sister, very bad.

GShock Black Out1

The promo video was just launched today featuring Nigel’s second G-Shock watch  launch. He’s best known as a game changer in the world of xtreme sports since pairing up again with G-Shock to release his second model called “Black Out” scheduled to be launched March 9th.

The company known for designing watches primarily for sports, military and outdoor adventures released a promo video today which features Va$htie, Yaris Sanchez, Jadakiss, Styles P, Clark Kent, 40oz Van, Vado, Angie Martinez, B. Dot from Rap Radar and others.

The track is so fitting with the sounds of the concrete jungle and the true reflection of New York’s raw subculture.

I promised him that I would not go crazy like I did last summer when he produced the track for 50 cent’s album Murder by Numbers…but what’s a big sis to do during times like this?

Yayyyy for my brother! Love ya {^_^}


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