Next to New: Black and White

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Welcome to the Next to New style series, a collaboration between Physical Canvas and owner Julia Clara of Clothing Mentor to showcase fab finds from the resale store. Every month, I will highlight emerging trends and tips to create a cohesive look for your style pallet. 

One thing you should know is that spotting sophisticated second-hand clothing has always been an intrinsic passion of mine. I love the challenge of walking into a resale store to find something that is unique and timeless across all eras. So what better way to celebrate the first Next to New blog post but with a black and white outfit from head-to-toe. Can we say classic?
This look incorporates three major trends for fall: oversize coats, layering, and cozy sweaters all wrapped into one. You’ve probably seen oversize coats draped over the shoulders of celebrities and taste makers on blogs and magazines sites. It’s the art of the cape at its finest- a fashionable floor length jacket layered on top of a fantastic skirts and sweaters adds flair and sophistication! The cozy cowl neckline of this Divide sweater adds bulk and warmth in all the right places for a comfortable yet stylish look ‘on the go’ paired with a metallic Express skirt.

Front finished

Accessorized with an Ivanka Trump handbag and vintage snake-charmer cuff, this classic black and white look would never be detected as anyone’s sloppy seconds.

Side profile


forward mid

Ivanka Trump handbag $35// Express skirt $12// Kasper jacket $16// Snake Charmer cuff $5
Sunglasses $7// Torta Caliente Patent boots $11// Divide Sweater $8


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