The Beginning of Festival Fun

Yesterday marked the last day of the 10-day Lilac Festival in Upstate New York. The annual festival is the kick off to a series of very cool festivals throughout the summer and is inspired by more than 500 unique lilacs that bloom every year around this time. Unfortunately, the festival is always a washout especially with the abundance of rain that we’ve been receiving that should go on record as being the rainiest period of the decade. But if you don’t mind throwing on a pair of rain boots to trek through the mud puddles, it can be a great place to get your favorite carnival food like the fried dough with mounds of powdered sugar and cinnamon to Rochester’s famous “garbage plate” by Nick Tahou’s (the dish isn’t as nearly disguising as it sounds). I was able to bypass the rain by taking these pictures a few days leading up to the fest and got some great shots. I love the way my nude lipstick and make-up mesh with the pinks and peachy tones of my outfit.

Vintage Silk Pants
Vintage Beaded Purse
August Silk Cardigan
BCBGirl shoes


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