Target Tuesdays: Neo-Navajo & Colored Denim Trend

Today is a new beginning here at PhysicalCanvas for Target Tuesdays! I am extremely excited to share with you my latest finds from Target for today’s outfit. As many of you already know, every Tuesday I style and accessorize an outfit in mind specifically for the chic and all knowing budget-istas of the world. Ok, world may be an exaggeration but one day! My first Target Tuesdays post can be found here to learn more about this personal style challenge that I started.
I initially thought of the idea months ago after shopping at Target and realizing that there wasn’t anything visually to inspire me to buy the merchandise besides the advertising signage on the front racks for each brand. Typically, not many people get inspired from clothes merely dangling on a hanger. No one! But with my Visual Display experience behind me, I noticed the lack of three main elements: visual displays, set-ups, and mannequins- all of which are key components in influencing a customer to drive SALES! [Who doesn’t look at the mannequins in a store? Trust me, someone does or else I wouldn’t have experienced my nicely dressed mannequins disheveled by a customer trying to get the last x-small romper!] As soon as I caught wind of the fact that many women were passing by the same racks of clothes that I was and that I received a lot of compliments on my Target finds, I had to give Target Tuesdays a try and so far people have really liked the idea. Ok, fast forward to this outfit…..
Last week I was reading Elle Magazine and saw a page that caught my eye entitled “Neo-Native” which illustrated a great assortment of fabrics, feathers, and prints inspired by the Navajo culture. My heart fluttered like a butterfly when I saw the Proenza Schouler ensemble but quickly sank and got trapped behind my rib cage when I realized that I so can’t afford it! Unless I wanted to be chic and homeless (not an option). Clearly, a lack of funds paired with desire, will drive any fashionista to do what we do best-improvise. So I was inspired to create an interpretation of my own native look by going to Target and selecting my very own affordable look. I love how I layered the tank tops to add an abundance of colour while pairing it with a statement necklace and belt. If it hasn’t showed up in your twitter time line by now, coloured denim is trending right now (!) along with Fall 2011’s Native-American inspired clothing trend. Creating this outfit is like knocking out two trends with one budget! Two Trends+ One Budget= Winning. 
Shorts: $17.99
Necklace: $19.99
Mossimo Tank: $9.00
Foxtail keychain: $12.99 
Multi-colour belt: $16.99
Mossimo Cardigan: $19.99
Special thanks to Lucas for always making me look fabulous!
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