Target Tuesdays: Clever Khakis and Creamy Cardigans

Hello my fashion conscious fashionistas! Today’s Target Tuesday outfit is relaxed and low-key. Ever have those days when you want to be comfortable but don’t have the option to just throw anything on? I was kind of feeling this way when I chose my Target Tuesday outfit. I love neutrals because of their sheer versatility and the fact that it never screams overkill or too glam on the days when I just feel like taking it easy for the day. It’s still appropriate enough for work without feeling stuffy or restrained.
The metallic sequins that are woven into this knit cardigan adds a really nice texture to the fabric and off sets the gold within the necklace to pull this classic low key look together. Not to mention the cardigan is a nice layering piece for an already cool outfit. The coin necklace ties the entire look together so that you can still  feel relaxed while looking polished and professional at the sametime. I have to say that this heather grey and oatmeal tee blend not only fits and feels good, but I love how the sleeves are actually long! Too many of my t-shirts are barely covering my shoulder with the 2 inches of fabric that they call a sleeve! I’m thinking about investing in some more of these tees in different colours.
cardigan: Merona Collection, $32.99
khakis: Mossimo, $24.99
tee: Mossimo, $9.99
necklace: $12.99
belt: $12.99
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