Target Tuesdays: Summer Grunge…boxy blouses, bandage skirts, and belt bag purses

When I say I’m back this time I mean it! Where has the time gone my fellow fashionistas?! Ugh I’ve been trying to sort a lot of stuff that’s been going on lately but I’m back on track! Thank goodness I don’t get my blogger privileges revoked for neglecting you guys…but I really missed writing and doing my Target Tuesdays. Plus the other day TargetStyle shouted me out on twitter, so let’s get into today’s outfit before they forget me. [^-^]

No matter how sunny and beautiful it looks outside during this time of year, there’s always room for the summer grunge look! Black on black with combat boots to top it off is one of my favourite looks to rock. Its almost like I rolled out of bed and put on the closest things next to me that was clean with that I just woke up hair properly in place to finish the look.

This Target outfit is definitely a whatever goes ensemble that requires no earrings, bangles, or a stitch of accessories. This means you may have to put your driver’s license and debit card in your boots because this outfit requires no purses or clutches of any kind (trust me it works, although my foot is kind of sore from walking on my Visa card all day) All you need is a simple top, bottom, boots, attitude, and killer eye make-up as your accessory.

Speaking of accessories, I love this little belt bag! It’s too cute and very functional! Ok I lied, you don’t have to walk around limping with your debit cards in your boots, you can put them in this belt! It’s pretty secure and has a little strap to ensure your stuff doesn’t fall out.
The boots in the picture unfortunately aren’t from Target since I’ve had them forever, but I found an amazing pair of buckled ankle boots for $12.99 on Target’s website here. AMAZING!
Poka-dotted bandage skirt, Xhilaration $12.99
Boxy Black Blouse, Xhilaration, $16.99
Mossimo Belt Bag, $16.99
boots are vintage
PS:  I missed you guys!
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