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Hello My Little Targettes! 


It’s….. T A R G E T | T U E S D A Y S  
It’s been SO long- way too, too long since I’ve posted a series for Target Tuesdays that I’m sure you must be incredibly shocked to even be reading this. Shocked, I know, maybe even slightly amused. Truth is, I took these photos shortly after the Altuzarra for Target launch however I’ve been double-dutching in and out of the country to visit family (one of these days I’ll write a post about the truth of blogging- why bloggers go AWAL and what’s really going on in their lives. But really, did you think I would let a designer collaboration slip by me without inking a word of it on my site? Tisk, tisk, Clearly, you’ve forgotten.



Since you’ve probably already read the reviews about the line, I’ll spare you the details. Next week, I’ll post the other two photos and how I styled it using the items currently found in my closet {^_^}.

Dress: Target button down dress

Shoes: BCBG Sandals

Sunglasses: Marc Jacob

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