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“There’s Black Friday, then there’s Target Tuesday.”                            

Well heck yea Anne join the club and become my blog reader to follow Target Tuesdays!! The opening line to Anne’s article, Designer’s line creates Black Friday-like buzz, made me chuckle as if Target Tuesdays was a new phenomenon. Well maybe for her (and the rest of the world that doesn’t read my blog) it is. oops!

Anyhoo…Happy belated Target Tuesday! Yes it’s clearly two days after Missoni’s launch, but I actually went to the store on Tuesday after work to see what left overs were thrown to the wolves and left for dead and clearly the most random items were indeed left behind to create a smorgasbord of Missoni items. I was extremely tempted to create a beautiful display of the left over Missoni items that survived the wreckage. 

Approaching the empty fixtures wasn’t as much as a shock as I thought it was given the collapse of Target’s website from the increased traffic and the shut down of their pop-up store just 6 hrs into their grand opening. Finally, face to face with lopsided hangers that clung to the last patterned shirt with no bottoms I thought Ugh how am I suppose to do a Target Tuesdays post on my blog without ONE piece of Missoni? So I did what any fashionista would do-I shrugged my shoulders and went to the accessories section thinking ehh maybe next time when another shipment goes into production. But my stylist senses kicked in and I immediately went to the lingerie department to find any remaining pieces and that is when I saw this beautiful baby doll top and yelled this will work! 

Magically everything fell into place as I carefully hand plucked my outfit for my belated Target Tuesday post. I will always love doing these posts every week because it helps me rise to the challenge of finding great styles for incredible prices while putting my own spin on it. [check out how it all got stated here]

Mixing Missoni and Mossimo was the perfect solution to my Target Tuesdays challenge. When I realized that everyone in my city would be wearing the same sweater and pull overs that were featured in the ready to wear section, I knew that this snug baby doll dress would inspire the entire ensemble into a casual but playful look. Pairing my brushed gold accessories [from the accessory department that I wandered into earlier] with the walnut brown hiking boots allows me to turn this lingerie top into the focal piece for a cohesive look. Plus I absolutely love the fit of the “bra” [^_^]

 Get the Look:

Bangles $7.99
Boots $34.99
Cardigan $9.99
Necklace $14.99
Leggings $19.99
Baby Doll Set $29.99


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