Fab Frames: Retro Cat Eye Frame Review


Andddddd welcome to another blog review of my Fab Frame finds product review! So far this is my third review of frames. The first was Warby Park review and the second included a pair of Clear Frames.

Here, I wanted to make a few comments in regard to these retro cat eye frames since I’ve received many compliments on them. To satisfy my frame fetish, I went with a different shape this time to accent my smaller face. I knew this shape would at least look half way decent since I purchased a pair of Guess tortoise frames with this very same shape in Toronto this past summer and they looked amazing with my box box braids. I figured I would take a risk and order them online from Style Vault.

The reason why I was particularly drawn to these frames is that they have a beautiful gradient which fades from black to clear on the bottom rim of the frame so they don’t look too bold on my face. They’re also small enough so that they don’t engulf my face and add a cool retro vibe to the outfit that I am wearing for the day. I think I’m finally filling my fix for frames and can do without a few…for now {^_^}

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