Fab Frames: Style Vault Clear Frame Review


When it comes to glasses I’m pretty much the little kid who failed my eye exam on purpose just to get get a cool pair of frames. To me, glasses were always cool in the era of Sally Jesse Raphael and have recently been popular because of the variance in colour as an oversize accessory. So recently, I’ve been shopping around on the internet to find a few cute pairs and decided to review the purchases ever since I did my Warby Parker review and received some great feedback.
For almost a month, I’ve been looking for a pair of clear polycarbonate frames. I figured they would be really cute especially during the summer (yea I know it’s winter now but I’m thinking for next year). So after feverishly looking in the stores in my area, I decided to purchase these last week from Style Vault.
Here is my shortlist of pros and cons:
*super cute and lightweight
*fits virtually any face shape
*amazing look with clear and silver accessories
*slides down my face from time to time
*slightly too large for my face
The size of the glasses are as follows: width (5 1/2”) x height (1 7/8”). For starters my face is pretty small so frames that are this size will look huge on my face, which might I add, can be great when accessorizing an outfit in more casual attire. When I first tried them on I had a black blazer on and I was ready to take them back until I changed into something more comfortable.
The wayfarer shape is pretty standard across the board so if you know this shape compliments your face, you should have no problem. The other reason I really like clear frames is that it allows you to wear your the glasses without sacrificing the time and effort you put into your make-up. Overall I like these fames and will be used readily as much as anyone of my accessories. {^_^}

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Style Vault frames
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