Holiday Cheer!

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This morning I had a crazy dream that I was vacationing with Beyonce which was quite odd- not the vacationing part, but the fact that I was subconsciously dreaming about a celebrity. So weird since I’m pretty nonchalant when it comes to celebs (I never take pics or ask for autographs if I do run into one). The only connection I can make is that my cousin is coming home to visit which happened to be B’s stylist for a few years…maybe I was subconsciously thinking of him. mental note: call David

Since the holidays are upon us, I have been steering clear of all retail stores (!!!) I am a complete scrooge when it comes to Christmas. It’s so baddd! I think know it’s because I use to work in retail doing visual display where profit was the bottom line and I saw many people spending money that they know they didn’t have. I’m not going to go into a spiel about the real meaning of Christmas and about not spending at all but what I do plan on doing this year is to spend the money I would have spent on presents and use it towards some remarkable kids that I have been working with over the past few months. Whenever Christmas rolls around I think of the immense pressure for parents to buy gifts for the children and if there’s anything that I can do to reduce the anxiety for parents I’m in. So I guess I’m not a such a scrooge after all. {^_^}

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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F21 skirt
Nine West Shoes
Vintage Belt and Coat

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