2012 WrapUp-Recap


And here we are- teetering just a few moments away from another new year with our backs turned on 2012’s highs, lows, misfortunes, and thrilling moments. To be honest, I couldn’t recall the year unless I scrolled through my photo stream to recap some of the moments over the past year. One thing is certain that school has definitely exhausted my free time but with only a few more months to go maybe you’ll be seeing a little bit more of me {^_^}

As you can see, after reviewing the recaps of my outfits and hairstyles I must say that I am not very loyal to any looks in particular which is why I always embrace change openly. There really isn’t a new years resolution that I would like to declare other than being a better wife, sister, friend, and citizen.

Below are outtakes with family and friends when I went out of town. Most of the time I was in a food coma {hence all of the food pics). Anyhoo…

Special thanks to my Hubster for taking all of my pics! And for all of your support towards the blog and the conversations surrounding my wardrobe and fashion career/style advice asked by my readers. Feel free to connect with me at any time, I look forward to developing new opportunities in 2013!

Take care everyone and be safe while bringing in the New Year!


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