Bday Love


Today another year was added to my age like another notch onto my favorite belt. Yikes I’m like three scores and…wait…plus 1…no that’s not right because three scores is three times twenty which would equal sixty and I’m definitely not sixty yet. Ok forget it, I never claimed to be a mathematician but one thing I know for sure is that today I am 31 and even though I may look the reciprocal of that number, I can assure you that I have the papers to back it up. I’m not sure who ever started this ‘women never tell their age’ secret business but I’m a firm believer that there truly isn’t anything to be embarrassed about when I reflect on the blessings afforded me. I always find myself more so reflecting on my birthday rather than celebrating which sometimes causes me to retreat into my skin, but not today. Because today, I am TRULY grateful for my health, family, and those who have supported me through this blog. For those who read it without skipping pass the pics kudos to ya! Special thank you to my hubster Lucas for always taking my pictures and being ever so patient (he also was the one who prompted me to blog in the first place). Maybe one day this blogger love bug hobby of mine will flourish into a fruitful opportunity. It’s my birthday, a girl can wish, right?

One more tidbit-after I graduate in a few months, I will be focusing on another one of my bucket items off of my list (the first two were acquiring my masters and learning ASL) I will be devoting my time to…(drum roll please) becoming a dancer! I’m talking about one of those hot flamingo dancers with the legs that go on for miles in those ruffled dresses. Yup, like Vanessa Williams in Dance with Me hot. I figure 9 years from now when I’m 40 I’ll be amazing {^_^}

starry eye ps


IMG_1880 ps

half smile ps

standing toes2 revise

thrifted sweater

vintage belt

original spirit


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