Welcome to Target Tuesday 2013!

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Why, hello my little Targettes! 
When I say ‘Target’ you say ‘Tuesday’….TARGET! {Tuesday!} TARGET! {Tuesday!}. Nothing like a good cyber call and response mantra to get us up and going. It kinda reminds me of when Tim Allen use to scream ‘It’s Tool Time!’ from the popular 90s show. *Gasps* Speaking of which, the influences from that decade, are trending right back into today’s Target Tuesday outfit. But before we get to it, there are a few ground rules moving forward:
#1: For those of you who are new to this blog, read my original posts about how this all got started here OR go to the tabs to catch up on your favourite looks. You’ll find that I started “TT” not only because I’m a visual learner, but I use to work a Visual Display manager and understand the importance of presenting looks. I take the guess work out of styling my latest finds while incorporating my own pieces!
#2: This year, I will be noting the fit of the clothing as well as how to style your wardrobe. What makes you qualified to do this you may ask?! While studying at FIT, I concentrated on product development and formerly worked as a fit model after completing my degree, so I know a wee bit about the importance of close that fit!

#3: Expect more relevant featured outfits that are trending on the streets and runway. Not everyone has a Zara’s or H&M nearby so here’s to making fashionable, chic, people across the land.Anddddd, we’re back… 

Get the Look

Today’s Target Tuesday outfit has been inspired by the recent release of British Vogue’s A-Z top 2013 trends for spring and summer. Yup I said it, SPRING and SUMMER even with the white stuff still lingering on the ground.
“K” is for kicks! features models sporting sneakers with delicate spring dresses with an athletic appeal on the runways. This double breasted jacket has an amazing fit and the ruffles around the side and back add to the playfulness and versatility of it to be worn with a dress or with a slim fitting pant. Coupled with a sheer neon slip dress and a muted grey jacket is a perfect combination of femininity and street chic!

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IMG_2007 copy

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Dress: Mossimo, $28
Jacket: Xhilaration, $17
Sneakers and Belt are mine


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