Weekend Wrap Up: Bye, Bye June

Weekend Wrap Ups make Mondays so much easier to tackle…too bad I haven’t mastered the art of doing them before I get into work! At least it actually gives me a moment to recap my weekend during my lunch break and reflect on the good times…

On Saturday, I attended my cousin’s baby shower which was too cute! I figured the day would be filled with various hues pinks, so I opted for this simple ensemble to beat the summer heat. I especially love (luv luv luv luv) these new shoes that I bought when I went shopping with my mom the other day. The necklace was furnished by Ezzie Bliss which is a great statement necklace that comes in this pink and gold colour (or white and gold which is displayed on her website). A lot of people keep telling me that pink looks really good on me so I think I’m starting to be a believer ^_^

I really luv this floral arrangement that was created for the baby shower…there’s something cool about using mason jars for decorations. I think its the combination of elegance and southern class.

So I went baby shopping which by far is THEE MOST nerve racking type of shopping in my opinion! I kinda had an idea of how I would dress my baby if I had one (that’s a no brainer) but the sizes are a chore! I saw so many cute items that I almost bought racks of stuff at 3 months but then I had to calculate what season the baby would be wearing this, and how much it would grow and if it would fit, and it all became too much. I did find however that Target has thee cutest outfits for babies! I saw things for 3yr olds but my cousin would have looked at me as if I was crazy if I bought it. I love the poka-dotted onesie to the left. I would actually wear it…if it came in my size.
And the rest are just remnants of a lazy weekend. My sister Bri tried taming Axel and my hubster made me this breakfast (as always, every morning) but on Sunday it just seemed so perfect. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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