Trend Trotter: Orange Vintage

So here is my attempt to blog on the go with my outfit of the day instead of waiting to get home and being overly tired to take a pic. There have been too many missed opportunities for a good #OOTD to pass up. From here on its all about living in the moment. So I’ve started ‘Trend Trotter’ for all of my outfit posts of the day. I vow to never again wait for the opportunity to take a picture-I’m just going to do it! We’ll see how this goes….

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw this already so jump down to another post, but for those of you who haven’t enjoy!

I bought this skirt at a thrift store as a set for $15! It came with a wickedly beautiful over-sized blazer. I paired it with this cute shrunken blazer and bracelets. Forgive the pouty face, I wasn’t even mad so I’m not sure what was going on in this picture ^_^

*vintage blazer
*vintage skirt
*Nine West heels

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