Target Tuesday: Use Your Bikini as a Summer Outfit

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Guess who’s back! It’s Target Tuesday, did you forget?
So most of you already know that I’ve been pursuing my masters degree (through my crazy #gradWOES hashtag for those who follow me on twitter) and I haven’t had to time or the energy to dedicate to my blogLBut during my hiatus, I’ve rekindled my love for my blog-I just needed a moment to step away from it all! I’ll catch you up in another post or so of my new found revelations while on my blog-cation because I refuse to let today’s Target Tuesday outfit to be overshadowed by my blogger woes (<- that hashtag is coming soon as you can imagine).
For those of you who are just joining me, I started Target Tuesdays over a year ago due to the lack of in-store visual displays that really showed the chic fashions of the fashion forward retailer. My fashion merchandise and window display background over the years in a upscale department store gave me the idea to hand pick trend worthy items that were budget friendly and cost effective. Here’s the rest of the story of how my style challenge turned into a weekly adventure through this recap of my favourite posts over the last year!
So back to the point. My affinity to collect coloured denim from Target was a natural progression to obsess over colour denim cut-offs! What’s even better is that these cut off’s #1: come with this awesome neon skinny belt that I can reuse for other items and #2 they have the perfect amount of elasticity so that they fit around the shape of my legs perfectly!

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Trendsetter Tip:
Never rule out the ultra cute swim suit top- even if you’re not going swimming! Who says you have to wear a bathing suit only to the beach?? If it makes you feel better think of it as a bandeau top, that way you can use it as a layering piece under sheer blouses while still remaining classy, chic and cool.

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I even took a picture with my Maddie. She’s such an awesome model!


Head to Toe in Target as always…what have you recently purchased from Target this summer?
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Bikini Top, Xhilaration, $14.99
Sheer Top, Xhilaration, $17.99
Sunglasses, Xhilaration, $12.99
Sneakers, Mossimo Supply Co, $12.99
Denim Shorts, Mossimo Supply Co, $17.99
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