Met Gala 2012: The Good & The Bad

Gowns Galore!! Last night was the Met Gala and all I could do is sit my butt on the couch while my bestie and I texted each other our favourite dresses of the night. I soo (oooooo) wish someone would give me the Cinderella treatment and dress me up to go to the Met. There should be some kind of contest for non-famous amateurs to attend, don’t you think? (Anna Wintour-make-it-happen!) I absolutely love over the top gowns and since there are very few people who can pull it off, here are a few of my favs that I can see myself slipping right into! Oh how I miss the world of fashion;D


Among the beautiful, there were some dresses that I thought were very questionable….I kept screaming in my head “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!” I would kindly like to revoke their invitation to any Met Galas in the future along with their fashion privileges:(

what in the cirque de soleil?
hey I have this bed sheet too! wait, someone got paid to make this??! good grief!

The proportions are all wrong and the darts are ill placed. I can’t even start on the color. Why does this look like a dress made by one of those Simplicity patterns from Walmart or Joanne Fabrics?
No…say it ain’t so. Why didn’t someone tell her she was going to the Met?
How did SJP get access to Marie Antoinette’s closet??
I could go for one of those gumballs right now…
When pretty girls go wrong:( Yes colour blocking is in but….

Why, why, why??? Wrong, wrong, wrong…le sigh… this should be a valuable lesson to us everyday folks- stylist or not we all have the right to use our judgement before walking out the door despite what may be trending.

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