Gimmie, Gimmie

I saw these glasses and immediately thought gimmie, gimmie, gimmie! Aren’t these the cutest? A-morir does it again continuing the glasses trend, although these frames will cost you $250 for the half frames and $400 for the entire rose encrusted frames. 
As cute as these glasses are, would you spend the cash to buy them??

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  • jess says:

    omg those are totally insane, and no i’d never spend the money lol –

    But IF i did I think i’d get the full frame ones – the other ones look like flower eyebrows (although maybe that will be the new trend?)…although they don’t look that comfortable…

  • E. says:

    They are gorgeous — a piece of art! — but the price is definitely a bit of a turnoff.

  • Lisa-Bisa says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I understand that labour has to be included and the design as well but these are just above and beyond what I am willing to pay:( haha Jess “flower eyebrows”! This would definitely be a great chance for a store like the Icing or Claires to duplicate at a lower cost:)

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