Target Tuesdays: Pleather ‘n Knit Pleasures

Pleather Jacket
Oyi! It’s the first Tuesday of 2012!! And I must say it feels good to be starting the year off right and on schedule for the day. I’m sure a Tuesday will slip past me sometime but for the moment I’m just glad that I got my butt together to put a post together for today’s outfit. Shall we proceed?

Today’s outfit is a blend of a pleather jacket and a knit mini skirt that I found in Target at the end of December. Not only do I love the contrast in material, but also in the colour. The cognac jacket with the gray and white look pretty cool to me. The blouse underneath almost gives it a bad girl preppy look, eh? *shrugs*

Hopefully this year I can expand this post to beyond clothing to beauty and cosmetics. We’ll see {^-^}
What was the last thing that you bought from Target? Send me your pics so that I can feature you!
Pleather Jacket
Pleather jacket

Mossimo Faux Jacket $39.99
Mossimo Sweater Skirt $24.99
Mossimo Shoes $34.99
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