Target Tuesday: New Vintage-Faux Fur, Colored tights, & Sequins

It’s Target Tuesday!! And I refused to let yet another Tuesday sneak up on me as it usually does. I’m actually on vacation this week from work and school so I am in heaven!! Although I do have three 20 page papers to work on but I’m trying not to think about that until after I post this. Let’s move on to today’s outfit, shall we?

So I am in LOVE with this Target Tuesday outfit. It screams vintage but it’s actually from Target! As soon as I saw this on the rack I thought two things: ohlala nice colour and collar! and #2: Who left their perfectly nice vintage coat in the store?! Nope, this coat is totally a great replica of my mother’s coats or the rare finds that I spot in a consignment shop without the crazy odor or stains.

I love the sparkle and the fur combination and the purple tights against the gold coat makes it pop even more. Ugh, this has to be my one of my fav Target Tuesday outfits. I think it’s because it’s very similar to what’s currently in my wardrobe without breaking the bank. I mean come on, shopping beyond my limits is a big no, no for me plus I love keeping more money in my pocket than pumping it into a label (my mom always called me FrugaLisa…i so should have started blogging at 12 when she told me that!)

Anyhoo, this is a classic example of mixing high and low items. Has anyone bought anything lately from Target?? Based on this outfit alone, Target should really hire me to be their human mannequin. But in the meantime I do this for the fun of it!

Faux Fur coat: $49.99
Mossimo shirt: $22.99 
Mossimo Shoes: $29.99

Oh, and I finally published my Facebook page. I created it earlier this year but just never got around to publishing it to the public. I’ll have so many ideas for DIYs so they will be up shortly along with pictures that I didn’t post from this shoot.

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