Target Tuesdays: Back to Basics-> Colored Denim ‘n Trench Coats

Oh lovely dayyyyyyyyy! Yes, another week of Target Tuesday keeps on rolling in good things in the New Year. But what is up with this weather lately?! The weather has been ridiculously good to us during January (which is not surprising to me at all since it’s always very nice around my birthday for the last 5 years). It’s almost like a faux spring day when the grass is getting greener and the weather is starting to perk up after a yucky winter. But we haven’t had a winter really. Who knows…I’m honestly glad that the weather decided to reflect my mood (for once) because I had this really great idea to brighten up my wardrobe during this time of year (and quite honestly I was almost scared to commit to this outfit if there was snow on the ground! Not a pretty pic at all). Target has been rolling out the summer stuff before the holiday season ended and I love it! I know “colour blocking” has been up and down the blogosphere, runways, and forecasting sites but I can never get enough of bold prints in one outfit. To me it’s not a trend…it’s just the style of dress that fits me the most. This outfit makes me feel so colourful…skittles ain’t got nothing on me today!

Merona Trench $49.99
Coloured Denim $20
Top $17.99


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