A Year Older, Three Decades Later

lisa in 30s blazer
Soooo..today is my birthday. There really should be a question mark after that because I’m not exactly sure how three decades have managed to slip by me so quickly. Ughhhhhh it always comes up faster than I would like it to. But to be honest I’ve never celebrated my birthday right on the actual day because it’s kind of at an awkward time of year. It’s too late to celebrate it with the holiday festivities of Christmas, and a wee bit too early to party it up during New Years so after coming off of a holiday high I always find myself thinking Darnnnnnn not again, tomorrow is my birthday!Like every person born in, near, or right after December we ask ourselves why couldn’t I have been born in the summer?!! But as much as I hate the cold, the God above has sent me great weather for the last 5 years on my birthday as if it were spring! Today has been a blessed day and I shouldn’t be down at all…(even though I was earlier. haha) I have my health and a great family that loves me and I’ve been spared any from any trauma of any kind. So today since I didn’t plan on doing anything I’m just going to wing it and enjoy the time with my hubster and see what the night brings {{^_^}}.

Yesterday my hubster was in a creative mood and made this graphic for me. I was wondering why he banned me from our home office! It looks like a cool Mariah Carey album cover! I loved how he included my age in the graphic because I refuse to conceal my age! It’s nothing to be ashamed about.Now only if I could sing…

Cheers to the 20’s behind me and the 30’s before me because…
glowing 30

…I’m looking good at 30!!! 
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