Poetry in Motion with Sir Joshua Bennett

The fusion of fashion and poetry has always been right up my alley….

Well if you didn’t see my tweets already, yesterday I had the pleasure of escorting spoken word artist Joshua Bennett for our Expressions of King’s Legacy event. Truly an amazing experience beyond words as our keynote speaker Dr. Cornel West took center stage after the Garth Fagan Dance Company opened the show and graced us with their presence. You may have seen Dr. West featured on the Matrix if you can remember the cool dude with the salt and peppered ‘fro. (Dr. West definitely gave me a BIG hug and call me Sister Lisa:)

Dr. Cornel West with my friend Nolan

The two-day experience was not only a reminder of King’s Legacy but an inspiration to push ourselves creatively to write and to love one another. Joshua is actually one of Ralph Lauren’s Rugby Poets Club and has performed at the White house for President Obama along with performances for the Sundance Film Festival, the NAACP Image Awards, and The Kennedy Center’s “American Playlist.” Throughout the whole day Joshua displayed nothing but humility and grace with an occasional pop-in-lock routine throughout the day and embraced me as his friend! We even raced a few times unintentionally and even though my legs are longer he still won. Haha. I even got a chance to meet Tamara who was an inspiration to our Deaf community and the muse for Joshua’s poem Tamara’s Opus. It was definitely one of those ohmygoshilovemyjob kinda days:) Both are truly blessed

Check out his poem entitled “Tamara’s Opus”

I call this the Bennett Sandwich..haha:)
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