Fab Feature: Jewelry by Ezzie Bliss

Today’s Fab Feature is none other than jewelry entrepreneur Karen of Ezzie Bliss! Find out how this aspiring trendsetter started her line.

How did you come up with the nameEzzie Bliss?
My sister Ezra is the inspiration behind the name Ezzie Bliss who has had a major impact on my life. She is driven to achieve her goals, caring, loyal and loving and because of these qualities, I have great admiration for her. In Hebrew, Ezra means helper. When thinking about the name Ezzie Bliss the meaning “helper of joy” relays 100% for what I want this company to represent. 

What initially prompted you to go into the accessory business?
Accessories played a major part in developing my self confidence. I was in a relationship for many years that dictated what I did. There were days when I looked in the mirror and felt ugly; wearing jewelry made me feel transformed as though it was like therapy. That is why I have such a passion for it and I hope I could relay this feeling to other women and young ladies in similar situations. So, this business endeavor is more than a business venture; it is about creating the person that you know you can be even at times when you feel that you are not. Now my motto is “you are the creator; so, create your own kind of beautiful”!

What inspires you to choose the pieces you have in your collection?
Fashion and accessories are second nature to me; I love transforming myself or an outfit just by adding a bracelet, necklace, a ring or all of them! The inspiration for choosing the pieces to feature on the site just comes naturally. I am very versatile in my style and I want the site to reflect that. I like to believe that I am no different to the average woman and we all have similar needs. I want to provide products that make others as excited about accessories as I am.

In your line, what is your favorite piece that you are completely in love with?

I absolutely love all off them. When I am selecting the pieces to feature I feel like I am shopping for friends and family. So, all the pieces I choose pull a familiarity or liking to those around me.

Given the opportunity, which celebrity could you see wearing your pieces?
I love Angela Simmons; her style is astonishing. She has a captivating look and fashion sense. She can go from street chic to a polished look effortlessly. She screams “glam.”  

                                 Check out some more pieces on EzzieBliss.com! 

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