Blogger Call: What Works for your Blog?

Since the beginning of my blog I realized that I really need to utilize social media tools and fahion communities to partner with other people and find other opportunities but let’s face it, it is wayyy too consuming to be a member of Tumblr, Chictopia, Lookbook, StumbleUpon, and every other community out there! I would literally need to set aside a ton of time just to upload pictures after uploading them to my blog! I know some of you do, so kudos to you. So I have decided to focus on just a few and will begin to add StumbleUpon within my social networks. I see many of you are pretty successful at increasing blog traffic and I wanted to know if you mind sharing what works best for you. Please let me know! Or feel free to email me at physicalcanvas[at]

Can’t wait to hear from each of you. Hopefully I will be continuing this blogging journey to pour out my creative ideas in my spare time [^-^]

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  • Matilda says:

    I think what has increased the traffic on my page is connecting with my readers and responding to their questions….
    I’ve also noticed that i get some traffic when i use some words as tags on my posts.e.g celebrity names,fashion etc
    I also get traffic when i ask for help on something.I hope this helps

  • Lisa-Bisa says:

    thanks Matilda! It totally makes sense. I remember the IFB conference back in September and I remember someone on the panel recommending StumbleUpon so we’ll see how well it does. If it works I’ll let you know! Thanks for your feedback:)

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