v-Style: Mila Kunis

Continuing the v-Style series on my blog gives me creative freedom outside the confines of a budget! Admit it, we’re all budding fashionistas and stylist so its understandable to have the urge to dress someone for a day! I received some pretty good feedback on my choices from the last v-Style so I think I will keep this up to keep my styling skills sharp!  So as a quick recap as to what v-Style is you can see my last post here or you can read this quick overview: “v-Style” stands for virtual style. An idea that I thought of a few months ago if I was given the opportunity to dress a celebrity for a particular event on an unlimited budget. Putting it altogether on the web makes it virtual..get it? good! ok let’s get to today’s v-Style!

Mila, Mila, Mila…oh how I love her! I wasn’t too much a fan of her until I saw her in Book of Eli and Black Swan (somehow I never got around to watch That 70s Show but I always noted her outfits in the late night reruns). She always seems to have this girlie but dark side to her which I love. As of of late, she’s been out and about with cutie Justin Timberlake as they promote their new movie “Friends with Benefits.” I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve seen her well cut, flirtatious dresses that she’s worn for various appearances.

So today I’m dressing *wink wink* Mila in this really cute Ralph Lauren cashmere wrap dress that’s right above the knees since I’ve noticed that many of her dresses are around that length. I think it suits the dark haired beauty and could easily be worn to a Regis and Kelly taping or a day out in London to promote her new movie. I think the platform shoes are a subliminal homage to her stint on That 70s Show!

Daytime look
Ralph Lauren Collection slimming dress
$1,595 – stylebop.com
Giuseppe Zanotti leather platform shoes
$695 – couture.zappos.com
Pyramid earrings
$78 – piperlime.gap.com
Dita sunglasses
$375 – aloharag.com
Right on, or not at all?


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