v-Style: Rosie Huntington

A few months ago I started to do a series entitled v-Style (short for “virtual style”) in order to create dream looks for artists and celebrities that I would love to dress for an event if given the chance to be their stylist for the day! Clearly these looks would be left to my imagination to conjure up without any budget limitations. Break out the black card. Check out my first v-StyleI did on JessieJ here.

Today I chose to v-Style Rosie Huntington because I was reminded of how stunning she was when I went to go see Transformers 3 last week (which was amazing!) I was a little disappointed that Megan Fox was being replaced but I quickly got over it when I saw Rosie’s cute outfits in the movie and saw how curvy she is (did anyone else notice that she wore white throughout the entire movie?). Either way, I completely have a new found respect for her since she’s been able to be a successful model while looking completely healthy and curvy (she talks about her weight being an “issue” in one of the magazines I read this week and how she coped in the modeling industry).

Below is the outfit that I put together for the model turned actress that would go perfectly with her figure. It’s proper, cute, and classy just like Brits are always known to be.

vStyle: Rosie Huntington

Asymmetrical jacket
$2,995 – kirnazabete.com

Dolce Gabbana scalloped skirt
£835 – net-a-porter.com

Miu miu shoes
$750 – barneys.com

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen gold tone jewelry
$110 – net-a-porter.com

Kenneth Jay Lane amethyst jewelry
£110 – harveynichols.com


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