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Ask my significant other, and he’ll tell you…I have a HUGE crush on British singer and songwriter JessieJ ever since my friend Shirtona introduced me to her music sometime ago. Lyrically, her voice is magnetic and captivates you from the very moment her vocals shatter the sound barrier to your ear drums. But I admire her even more for her style and confidence that she exudes throughout her music.Yesterday marks the release of her album Who You Are in the US, even though it debuted earlier this year and has already gone platinum in the UK. She’s somewhat of a big deal, so pay attention. My favourite songs are “Do It Like a Dude” and “Price Tag” among many others.

I decided to come up with this v-Style idea for my blog (short for “Virtual Style”) for artists and celebrities that I would love to dress for an event if given the chance to be their stylist for a day. I can dream, can’t I? Looks that I can only imagine styling and creating without the limitations of expensive price tags and a small budget. (Eerily ironic since I just mentioned “Price Tag” as one of my favourites, but you’ll see what I’m talking about when you see the item prices below). So naturally, I choose JessieJ to kick start this feature and concocted an outfit suitable for an imaginary record release party in NYC to debut her album in the States. I’m not sure as to what she wore in reality, but this v-Style “rock glam” look is definitely something I can see her wearing on her tour with her iconic red lipstick and body conscious outfits.

Thakoon sleeveless vest
$895 – lagarconne.com

Reiss body con skirt
120 GBP – johnlewis.com

Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto shoes
$930 – zappos.com

Leather clutch
$1,995 – alexandermcqueen.com

Forever21.com – Beauty – 1070220535
$2.80 – forever21.com

Tattoo Art Lips 2 – Sticker Giant
$1.99 – stickergiant.com

  Below are some additional pictures if you want to check out her style…she’s on my list of Sick Brits that I’m starting to compile. Let’s see who else I can find!

WATCH the acoustic version of “Do It Like A Dude” here (the regular version is on her album)

WATCH “Price Tag” featuring B.o.B here

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