Ode to Odel

While working on a blog post yesterday for “Target Tuesdays” I received word from my mother that a family friend had passed away in his sleep earlier that morning. As a family friend, he was the handy-man that worked in and around our house that many of my friends and family grew up loving and knowing and was easily adopted into the family for his generosity and willingness to always come to the rescue when we needed him. Having recently retired last summer, he was the type of man with a big heart and willingness to do a job even if it meant finishing our basement when it flooded three times, remodeling my aunt’s bathroom, or even trying to build my mom’s dream deck which turned out to be the length of our entire house (whoa and it was a big job but he was determined!) Originally from the south, he was country in all his ways and his accent always made me giggle. He always wore his worn in blue jeans, a flannel, and a basement cap year around for the last 10+ years that I’ve known him.
He was a great man and will surely be missed. The fragility of life is so easily taken for granted…make it a point today to tell someone you care and appreciate them because you just never know….
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