Two-ways to Wear: The Blush Coat

blush pink
If you’re anything like me when it comes to getting ready, you probably never give yourself NEARLY enough time to get dressed in the morning much less think about the after work event that you so happened to overlook on your calendar. Trust me, this happens to me once or twice a month if all three of my calendars don’t syncing on my phone! I seriously need to get that checked out because nothing is worse than thinking you’re going straight home after running errands than to find out you’ve scheduled an evening activity with your friends or significant other. Luckily, I put together two versatile looks using the same basic blush coat.

Typically when I come to my senses in the morning and realize I have another engagement, I throw a bunch of random items in my leather back-pack: a pair of pants, a skirt here, some pumps and one accessory. “It’ll all work out,” I say convincing myself while flying out of the door. The reality is, most times it DOES work out and then I credit myself with the overly used persuasive “see? I work better under pressure” shenanigans. My recipe for my ‘grab and go’ looks are choosing a staple and working around those items to complete my no-brainer look.

Outfit #1

The over-sized long sleeved jacket can be perfectly paired with a skinny leg pant and a casual sneaker for those on the go errands. It’s where athletic meets feminine to give you the ultra stylish look. The sneakers give you the ‘model off duty, oh I just threw this on’ look.

Outfit #2

The wool draping of this coat provides an elegant finish to an evening out look. With this coat, it’s super easy to transition to jersey knit dress that has no need for ironing- especially when it’s way too cumbersome to put the dress on hanger while running on the way out of the door. For me, I always have my make-up bag in the car along with an extra pair of shoes.

With these two looks, you’ll be doing a quicker day to evening outfit change than Katy Perry at the Superbowl (wasn’t her performance magical?). *nods* YES.

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