Military Jacket

Doesn’t it always seems like winter is never evereverevereverever going away anytime soon?! It’s probably the reason why I’m always on the prowl to find colors that will lift my spirits during this dreary time of year. This wine coloured military jacket is the perfect cure for the winter blues. It’s pretty fitted throughout the body and is accented with these pretty cool lapels on the shoulder. The buttons have these super cute miniature crowns that add to the military detailing. I’m pretty sure I paired the jacket with black pants and boots because I was inspired by the Buckingham Palace guards that we gawked at last summer when we went to London and we were Geeked to see the QueenB (of London). I love how memories of traveling have a way of popping up to serve as style inspiration. Could this be a sign? A sign to…travel more maybe? If so (fingers crossed)…I feel another trip coming on!

Keep these three tips in mind when styling a longer coat:

1. Slim the silhouette: Pair a slim fitted pant with the coat to elongate your body.

2. Wear booties or flats: if the coat is already mid-length, a knee high boot will only cover you up even more! Wear a shoe that will provide the necessary proportions to flatter your figure.

3. Ditch the accessories: There’s really no need for over accessorize this look with jewelry. The floppy hat trimmed with eyelets is structured and mimics the circular buttons down the front which finishes the look altogether without overshadowing the jacket.






Jacket: F21

Pants: Macy’s

Hat: Charlotte Rouse

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Meanwhile while I was daydreaming of life abroad, Madison photo bombed my look which brings me to tip #4- add a doggie {^_^}.


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