Pink Ruffles


Without even looking at your phone’s calendar or the date stamp in the lower right hand corner of your laptop, you could quite possibly be the world’s most oblivious (or unconscious) person to not know that Valentines day is next week. Trust me, you’ll know the tell-tale signs: the chocolate candy displays on every end cap and aisle in the grocery store just waiting for you and your cart to mercilessly knock over, the diamond commercials that will ramp up to guilt-trip boyfriends and the roses, engagement and cupid photos that are ready to clog up your timelines. As you can tell, I’ve never been much of a fan of the pseudo “holiday” because it always seems like a hoax or a type of counterfeit emotion of ‘show me you love me by going big or go home’ type love- dangerously using gifts as a barometer to measure someone’s love for you. Not to say that people don’t truly love one another when the day comes around but it just feels incredibly forced mainly because of the advertising and the publicity of it all.

Tell me you love me on a Tuesday or run a bubble bath on a Friday but don’t wait until the second month of the year to express your love under a pink bow! I should probably provide a disclaimer that I’ve had the most adventurous marriage to my soul mate for more than 5 years and the hubster and I have never once looked longingly into cupid’s direction at any point during this time of year. Though we don’t typically as in never don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, we’re always looking for something adventurous to do and by chance signed up for something we’ve never tried before on the 14th (purely coincidental- trust me if not, I’d be in my PJ’s watching Eat, Pray, Love while fantasizing about life abroad). I’m super excited as a ‘first timer’ to this new adventure! I can’t give away all of the details but I sure it will most likely show up on my Instagram before I get a chance to blog about it since I can never resist a good photo op.

Butttttt if we happened to go out sometime this week to toast to the good memories of our crazy adventures, I would opt for this deep pink and midnight black look. I purchased this blouse a few years ago at a vintage store for the feminine detail. My favourite feature are the ruffles which are actually detachable which I love and can use on other blouses. The skirt is cinched at the waist and creates volume for my non-existing hips *insert hips don’t lie Shakira dance break* And now,  I’m wining. [^_^]




shoes: NineWest

tights: Rainbow

blouse: vintage

skirt: Zara

belt: F21


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