Target Tuesdays: The Sporty Look

A Pop of Neon

Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn (ok that was the best movie voice that I could do). Every now and again there always seems to be that one person that brings everything back to reality again when I’m thigh deep in my studies. For me, it’s my bestie Ashara and boy did she give me a tongue lashing via text when I said “WAIT, who?!” when she mentioned Isabel Marant’s sneakers that spiked in popularity amongst celebs this past summer. So I had to back track a few months like where was I over the summer…Europe? Mission trip? In hiding? Well apparently I was in hiding beneath the grad work that fell on top of me and damaged my fashion intuition.

So when I found out that Isabel Marant’s shoes were in Target, I just had to whip up an outfit while my sneakers are being shipped to me! Today’s Target Tuesday outfit is unapologetic to the winter’s mundane colours of dark and depressing hues. Nope, not this girl. I’m all about the pops of colour this time of year, especially since my wardrobe consists of more summer items than winter clothing (go figure, I live in NY and I’m not sure why).

These cute wedge sneakers go perfectly with this bright skirt with a faux leather jacket with knitted sleeves. Patterned tights are always a must with skirts during this time of year and serve as a cute accessory to pull the three knits together with the scarf. Infinity scarf. Layers of knitted scarves can be paired with any outerwear jacket and add an unpredictable element of chic because of the volume it creates around the neckline without worrying about adding a necklace which otherwise would be buried underneath your coat.

I’ll be doing a follow up post once I get my new goods in the mail {^_^}

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