new hair colour

Sooo….I’ve been a bad blogger but I am so grateful for my new followers!! Definitely leave a comment so I can check out your side of the world:)

Tomorrow is Friday yayyyy! It’s been a busy week! I’ve been preparing for a big event that just happened yesterday and it was a success and its now over! My team really helped me out and pulled through! On another note, I have a really cute outfit planned for tomorrow so I’ll post it tomorrow! Promise.

OK so I dyed my hair a week and a half ago…I had to get some colour back in it. I’ve had so many hairstyles its crazy. I actually had this black and blonde combo years ago but just with my bangs when it was in a short bob. I should do a timeline of my hairstyles…you guys probably wouldn’t recognize me! Especially since I just permed my hair after 7yrs of going natural. ok that will be my post for this weekend ^_^

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